~~~~My Favorite Links~~~~

The Zone
Wonderful Animal Pictures

United Cats
An ABSOLUTE Must For All Cat Lovers

A Passion for Parrots
If you like to send animal postcards, you will love it here!!!

San Francisco Sailing
As a native Californian I could not leave this out

Bravo-T's Homepage
This is a fun site!!!! Hope you like Faerie's

Bravo's Dedication Page
A beautiful dedication to the Native American People of North America. The music is haunting

Bravo's Religious Tributes to the Father!!!
Don't miss this, it is truly beautiful

DRAGO VI's Castle of Dragon's & Fairy's of Fantasy
Great graphics and a whole lot more

The Kingdom of the Pharoah's
Egypt and the mystery of it!!!!

Sacred Cats of Birma
Excellent Birman cat pictures here with a great greeting card section (this was Mai-Ling's idea)

Diabella Loves Cats
Fascinating history of cats, legends, folklore and much, much more. A great kitty site

Names For Your Cat
Name your kitty according to his/her personality. Fun!!!!