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Almost 3,000 domestic cat-related graphics: backgrounds, lines, icons, animations, clipart, holiday cats, cyberkitty accessories, "care" buttons and banners, and complete page sets.
Humor and Stories
Instructions for your kitty on how to run a proper household, helpful hints on giving your cat a pill, a quiz to help you decide who's really in charge, a game, trivia, plus much, much more.
Our Cats
Biographies and pictures of the wonderful cats who share our home and hearth. Also, visit our vet's homepage.
Mainzer Dressed Cats
Visit our collection of Mainzer "dressed cats" postcard images.
Original Cat Ring
We are the home of the Original Cat Ring. If you'd like to become a member, visit this page.
You Can Make a Difference!
Ways you can help make a difference in our interactions with our feline friends.

Our Other Pages!
Bob's hysterically funny multi-media "autobiography," the Gene Barry Fan Page, the Fairy Forest, and ILink messaging network.
Awards We've Received
Please take a few minutes to visit our Awards page - then visit those sites.

Other Places to Visit!
Sites we like, banner and reciprocal links, and home pages that use our graphics. Add yours!
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